Adobe Brick Make Your Own Hands - Adobe Bricks Made by Hand -
Adobe Bricks Made by Hand

Rainy days and school projects don't have to be boring! There are easy and inexpensive ways to keep the kids occupied. A fun learning experience is how to make adobe bricks. Adobe brick has been used to make buildings for centuries especially in the Native American culture. It is an abundantly found resource that is made mostly of organic materials found in nature. The building supplies are extremely simple consisting of sand, clay and water. Then heat is applied to solidify the adobe brick. They used to use the sun for the heating process and it would take hours. Luckily for the kids making mini adobe bricks is much easier. You can buy all the supplies from Oriental Trading. Probably your school teacher gets supplies from Oriental Trading too. They are the cheapest out there. Remember to use Promo Codes for Oriental Trading to get free shipping on no minimum order.
You will need:
- bowl for mixing - wax paper - sand;
- air dry clay - ruler - rolling pin;
- water - pizza cutter;
First, you will mix in your bowl the air dry clay and sand. Then you will want to start adding a teaspoon of water little by little until your mixture is workable with your hands. If you over water your mixture it will take too long to dry and may not hold the brick shape. Make sure your sand is evenly mixed into the clay. - Adobe Mixture for Kids -
Adobe Mixture for Kids
Now you are ready to roll an even layer of your mixture onto the wax paper. The adobe mixture needs to be 1/2 inch thick. The rolling pin action takes out all bubbles in the clay. Plus it prevents the common cracking that can occur in adobe brick.
Once the adobe mixture is halfway dry it will be ready to cut into bricks. The ruler is used so that your bricks can be cut into uniform size in order to be able to build a structure. The bricks can be placed in the sun for the further harding to show the children how the Native Americans dried their adobe brick. This step is optional.
Now that your adobe bricks are fully hardened you can remove them from the wax paper. Time to build! Hot glue and cement are both great adhesive options. Create whatever your heart can imagine. Just make sure to have fun while doing it!