Adobe Bricks Mixture - Gray Clay - Gray Clay

Today's adobe brick is composed of organic materials mixed with emulsified asphalt. The organic materials mainly consist of straw, sand, and clay. The straw acts as a binding material and helps to prevent the brick from cracking. The sand with in the mixture is used as a filler. Beach sand is the only sand that can not be used because it contains too much salt.
The clay is the glue which holds together the sand and the straw. Its main ingredient is aluminum salt. Aluminum salt is composed of very fine particles. The options are endless when it comes to clay types to use but the highest success is found with clay loam or sandy clay. If the soil to create the adobe brick contains too much clay it will crack. Sand can be added to the mixture when the clay ratio exceeds the code approval. After your mixture is complied a soil test is needed.
Lastly, the asphalt acts as a sealant to keep water out. Thus making the adobe brick water resistant. This helps the adobe structure from weather damage. - Preparation of Adobe Bricks Mixture - Preparation of Adobe Bricks Mixture
It permits the structure to stand for many years and is why we still have century old adobe buildings still long-standing today.
In the United States we have uniform building codes. The adobe brick standards say that the brick must be durable to the climate in which the structure is located. It must be able to withstand stresses for example, rain. The codes state that the brick can not have more than three cracks, be able to withhold three hundred pounds weight and can not absorb more than 2.5% of water-among many other standards . You can find your cities building codes on Good luck building!