Mysterious Ancient Megalithic Structures

During the ancient times numerous monumental megalithic structures were built worldwide utilizing massive stone building materials. Additionally, it is argued by orthodox researchers that these ancient civilizations had no contact with one another due to geological differences before the pre columbian age. However, there are many critical similarities between several of the ancient cultures structures that suggests these cultures may have had communication or that they may have descended from a common civilization dating back from a further era. Several ancient civilizations built massive pyramids or similar structures in the like. Pyramid like structures have been found throughout Egypt, North America, South America, China, Indonesia, the Canary Islands, and many smaller pyramids within Greece. Similarly, Egyptians as well as Americans constructed their own unique hieroglyphic writing systems.
It is misconceived that mummification was solely practiced within Egypt. Mummification was congruently practiced in China, South America, and the Canary Islands with almost identical beliefs in high regard to the sun. Due to their isolated locations, their mummification customs as well as their similar pyramid structures seem to have originated from the Canary Islands, which are known to be connected to the rumored continent of Atlantis. Many researchers and physics alike, believe that the Atlanteans took refuge in the Americas, Egypt, and Europe establishing new colonies after the destruction of their native land.
In Peru, Easter Island, and Egypt there are many special walls made of large interlocking stone that appear to fit together seamlessly like a puzzle without the utilization of a bonding building material. For example, if you pay close attention to the construction of both Machu Picchu and Cairo, you will notice that many of the stones contain peculiar bumps on the bottom and both constructed stone structures are almost identical in this fashion. It can almost be denoted that similar building techniques were used in the construction of Machu Picchu and Cairo. Although, it still goes unconfirmed to whether or not these peculiar bumps serve a purpose or how they could have formed. - The Ruins of Machu Picchu, Peru -
The Ruins of Machu Picchu, Peru

It seems the main trend between all megalithic structures are that they were constructed with massive stones. While it is possible to move such large stones with say, tree trunks, it is not so easy to lift said stones without proper machinery. However, primitive machinery with special hoisting cranes and levers could make such a feat doable. The big question is why would these ancient cultures put themselves through such trouble of utilizing such massively heavy stones for structure construction when they could have utilized much smaller and lighter stones to finish these jobs much quicker and easier...
Psychic initiatives lead us to believe that the ancients were able to place these stones quickly and easily thanks to the help of antigravity technology that the Atlanteans were able to harness during Atlantis's time of technological advancement. Unfortunately, this technology was forgotten in later periods due to the malfunctioning energy network. This is exactly why Plato mentions boats made of wood in many of his dialogues instead of discussing technological achievements. Although, the knowledge of antigravity technology is also said to be why Egypt is able to utilizes manpower to move massive statues.
In Central America we find the Diquis Delta. Here you will find several large stone balls that have been lying about since the ancient times. The large stone balls are obviously man made but their purpose remains a mystery. The balls materials do vary but most of them are made out of a hard and igneous stone known as granodiorite. The balls size vary as well starting at the size of a tennis ball and growing to over eight feet in diameter and weighing over sixteen tons. They are sheer spherical precision perfection and could not be recreated today without the utilization of power tools. Additionally, these balls are mysteriously found not only in Central America but they are also found across the globe including Easter Island, New Zealand, and Malta.There are many theories that coincide with these ancient stone balls. Some claim that the stone balls were at one time a map of the stars, and planets before it was proven that space moved. Psychic Dr.Douglas James Cottrell hypothesized that the stone balls were utilized as loadstones that aided in balancing vehicles that needed to be tethered working as a counterweight. - Diquis Spheres, Costa Rica -
Diquis Spheres, Costa Rica

Furthermore, there are several significant similarities between the worlds many pyramids. For example, the pyramids in China feature a flattened top which are similar to the Mexican Teotihuacan pyramids. The Egyptian Giza pyramids also bear a resemblance to the white pyramids in China because they are both covered in white casing stones. Lastly, liquid mercury is present within pyramids located in both Mexico and China. Although, there is much evidence pointing to very specific styles of custom and architecture practiced in locations thousands of miles away from each other, many archaeologists today still stand by their beliefs that there was never a pre-Columbian trans-oceanic connection in our ancient past.