Smart Bricks - Real Life Legos? - Smart Brick Prototype by Kite Bricks LTD -
Smart Brick Prototype by Kite Bricks LTD

A brand new innovative type of concrete block building material known as Smart Bricks resembles a real life set of giant Legos. These Smart Bricks are presently in the stages of prototype development by Israeli developer Ronnie Zohar. Ronnie currently operates a Kite Bricks Firm. The Smart Bricks look oddly identical to the classic Lego block builders. The plus side of these Smart Bricks is that they could potentially cut construction costs almost in half. Ronnie foresees that each building block will be custom made from high strength level concrete. These Smart Bricks will be sent in packages to be assembled.
The assembly will be a snap since the concrete Smart Bricks will slide together locking in just as the toy Legos do. They do so through a high level strength adhesive which is used to seal the Smart Bricks together. This eliminates any need for topical cement. These bricks come pre finished, so no waterproofing will need to be added. These Smart Bricks are developed to join together easily with internally open spaces that useful for insulation purposes and easy access to infrastructure elements. Additionally, the blocks come equipped with removable panels. This aids in access when pipes break or when cables need to be reached in a far quicker manner. - Smart Corner Brick Prototype by Kite Bricks LTD -
Smart Corner Brick Prototype by Kite Bricks LTD
The Kite Bricks Firm currently needs to raise three million dollars to get Smart Bricks out of the prototype stage and into production. Although, these Smart Bricks are quite similar to Legos that is not where Ronnie's idea came from. The idea came to Ronnie when he was developing new technologies for insulation. Thus leading him into the innovation of Smart Bricks and their internal spacing. The slot action that is identical to the Lego Toys was just an added bonus. Ronnie's biggest challenge so far is creating a concrete that is both as strong as steel and as light as air. Unfortunately, funding needs to be secured before the project can continue. The good news is that Kite Brick is gaining a lot of traction online - so, Smart Bricks may become a reality before we know it. - Pressed Lego Bricks -
Pressed Lego Bricks -  Lego Like Bricks -
Lego Like Bricks