Adobe is 4,000 Years Old - Production of Adobe - Production of Adobe

Adobe is 4,000 years old. The word 'adobe' was derived from the Middle Egyptian culture and means 'mud brick'. The spanish later adopted the word into their language. This cultivated the adobe building style which is drawn from New Mexico and Northern American cultures.
Adobe consists of organic material and earth soil mixed together with water. The organic material within the adobe brick can be straw or dung, among many like compounds. The earth soil is usually composed of a variation of silt, sand and clay. Adobes' ingredients are highly important due to the problematic cracking when ratios are off. There could be too much clay and not enough dung or straw in the brick. Adequate soil composition can be obtained in the South West United States region.
It is a patient process to craft adobe bricks. First, the brick are placed into a wood frame, usually timber. The brick length and width is typically 10 by 14 inches. Then, the frame is removed after the brick shape is set. The brick is then left to dry and turned on its edge during the final hours. It is best to have the brick slow dry in the shade to avoid cracking. Cracking is common in adobe brick when not curated properly.
The adobe brick style is one of the earliest forms of architecture. - The Great Mosque of Djenne, Mali - Adobe Style - The Great Mosque of Djenne,
Mali - Adobe Style
Adobe can be found throughout the world. It has many building forms from puddled, cob, to rammed earth. Though, the strength of the brick remains the same. Some of the oldest buildings still standing today were created from adobe.
Among many of adobes benefits, it can also harbor heat. A thermal barrier is created within the adobe bricks due to its composition. The heat the adobe brick retains is key. This helps during cold winters.
Adobe brick is a solid building material. Adobe is molded together through mostly organic materials and water with a long cool drying process. The adobe brick method is used throughout the world and is built to last many years.